SEO analysis is the first step in search engine optimization

With an SEO analysis I analyze your website from an SEO point of view. Afterwards I can implement the results for you. Using the analysis you can also let another provider do the optimization for you.

Technical SEO Analysis

Technical factors such as loading times are fundamental for the success of your website. On mobile devices, high performance is a must for high rankings. Indexability, correct semantic markup and much more can be identified with an SEO analysis.

Usability analysis

Very successful websites are mostly easy to use. Therefore, usability should be the focus of your efforts. If it is very good, your customers will come back again and again. Your website should be simple and intuitive to use. On large screens as on mobile devices. Learn more about usability analysis by clicking on the button.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis Is the tool to find the keywords with the highest potential. The strongest keywords of your competitors are as visible as your own. Keyword analysis is a prerequisite to creating high-ranking content.

At the beginning I analyze and evaluate the current situation of your website from an SEO point of view. Based on this analysis I recommend measures for optimization.

The mission is finding potential for organic search engine optimization. In the course of an on-site analysis I work through both the most important measures and the less important ones. Depending on the desired depth, budget and time frame this is variable. Assume that adjustments and changes will also have to be made later. Search engines are fast changing technologies.

Visibility with Sistrix

Sistrix has created the visibility index. This summarizes the SEO power of a page in one number. The rankings are among the most important indicators, but they are by far not the only ones.

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