Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of directing as many relevant customers as possible from search engines to your own website.

Sustainable search engine optimization (SEO) translates to low risk of losing your investment when applying proven measures. Online marketing without tricks is building a solid foundation and then improving on it.

Who stops getting better,
has stopped being good!

– Philip Rosenthal

SEO Analysis

Before I start with the optimization of your website, I analyse it. This includes the technology, the usability, the semantics and much more. An SEO analysis shows the potential for optimization.

Performance Optimization

The speed of a website is one of the most important ranking factors. Who wants to wait for a page to load? The technical optimization is the foundation for your success on the internet.

Web Design

Web design without knowledge of the technical basics for performance can get you loading times of 23 seconds. On mobile devices, sliders and large images slow down the user experience (UX) considerably.

Optimization works best as a process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is worthwhile, as more and more have realized in recent years. Basically a website can be improved in many places at once. But even then it is advisable to continue SEO as a process. The output devices are constantly evolving. Many new ones are being added, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and other systems sometimes only output your offer as audio. Is your website easy to read aloud? This would also benefit people with visual impairments.

Did you know that Apple’s maps creates company listings with data from Yelp? If you want to be found locally on iPhones, this is relevant.

What qualifies me as an SEO?

As of 2019 I have 10 years of experience in optimization. With web design it is 15 years. You can divide us humans – very simplified – into two categories. The first one concentrates on what works.  The others concentrate on what does not work. In everyday life the first one makes me feel good, the second one rather less.

However, in an SEO analysis I like to do this search for weak points, because I can contribute significantly to the success of a company. I also do the usability analysis out of passion. A visitor should be able to reach his goal as easily as possible. This ensures the success of online marketing measures and saves the nerves of all involved.

camilo eichler camdata

Oliver Hanstein creates futuristic designs for us, which fit very well to our IT company. For us, this is a competitive advantage that will be useful to us in a technically more advanced future.

Camillo Eichler, CamData GmbH

webdesign suchmaschinenoptimierung bochum
Mit einer Website und Suchmaschinenoptimierung wird das ganze Internet zu Ihrem digitalen Spielfeld.

Web design becomes more important again

Until recently, not every SEO thought a lot about web design. But important but hard to measure factors like “What does the customer feel when looking at my website?” become more relevant. Especially in times when search engine advertising like Google Ads becomes more and more unprofitable thanks to numerous adblockers.

Investments in web design pay off. Information that does not trigger emotions is remembered less often. What triggers emotions varies from person to person. Therefore it is important to address and take up many different levels and points of view. This can be done with pictures, texts, videos and design elements. This way a landing page can become more complex and valuable over time.

In the end, you don’t come to test it. With A/B testing, websites can be optimized sustainably and statistically significant.

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