Webdesign with WordPress

WordPress simplifies the web design and SEO processes. For you as a customer as well as for professional web designers.

Landingpage design

The design of landing pages is not quite a science, but almost. It includes many aspects like user guidance, psychology and graphic design. Whoever places ads should design landing pages very carefully. Everything else is wasted money.

Website maintenance and security

Your website increases in value the more it is optimized and it should be protected. Maintenance of WordPress and the plugins as well as unique passwords offer a basic protection. Learn more about website security.

Search engine optimization

The more visible you are in search engines, the more return you get for your investment. The value of your digital asset called “website” increases through ongoing search engine optimization.

I am active as a freelance web designer and developer for 12+ years. Through my work as a freelancer I think and act entrepreneurial. This is important for understanding economic processes.

I enjoy being independent and tackling challenges. Participating in the digitalization of the economy is rewarding and I’m constantly forced to question “old” solutions. I put my findings directly to work for my customers.

Here are some events where a WordPress freelancer can be of use to you.

  • Your agency is experiencing a high demand.
  • As a reinforcement of your own developer team.
  • You are looking for a WordPress freelancer with knowledge in search engine optimization.

Webdesign with WordPress

WordPress ist the most
used CMS in 2020.

Since my specialization in development with WordPress 5 years ago, I have been able to implement many interesting projects. My skills in search engine optimization guide me through the web design and development process.

Es macht mir Spaß eine Website so zu entwickeln, dass sie besser funktioniert und meinen Kunden ein Umsatzplus und neue Kunden beschert. Ich freue mich, wenn mich meine Kunden anrufen und mir vom Erfolg der neuen Funktionen oder den laufenden Verbesserungen berichten.

Webdesign Clients

I created this web design for the lawyer Peter Diekjobst from Essen, Germany. Web development was done with WordPress.

webdesign wordpress freelancer
Wordpress eignet sich sehr gut für professionelles Webdesign.

Web design for the consultant Sylvia Straub. She offers psychosocial counselling and e.g. non-smoking courses in the Stuttgart area.

wordpress seo website
"Natürliches" Webdesign mit Bildern aus der Natur - und der Technik von Wordpress.

Webdesign for a marble maintenance company in Oberhausen, Germany. What could be more obvious than creating a spatial impression with marble?

wordpress webseite referenzen
Wordpress Webseite mit WooCommerce Shop


nicolas sacotte

At peaks, we always work with Oliver and can recommend his services without hesitation! Great work, on time delivery and fair prices.

Nicolas Sacotte, contentking.de

julia stein coaching

Mr. Hanstein has implemented the creation of my homepage professionally, quickly and uncomplicated. After a first very friendly personal conversation, all ideas were perfectly integrated into the new design.

Julia Stein, stein-coaching.com

Content management made easy by professional WordPress development

I can rearrange your WordPress backend and tailor to your needs. I can implement different user interfaces for editors. Depending on the customer’s requirements, I can map the entire content concept in the backend / admin area. This way the editors find the corresponding subpages or landing pages quickly and intuitively.


I don’t work alone. Several WordPress developers accompany me, some of them for many years. Together with my team I can implement your individual requirements for the backend. This also applies to complex subpages, so that you can quickly and easily add your content. In addition to programming the backend, I can also take care of the web design, if you wish.

WordPress Advantages

  • Best suited for search engine optimization
  • Smart extensions for usability tests
  • User-friendly administration e.g. of landing pages