Hacker attacks have greatly increased in recent years.

For small money they can be booked to take down competitors’ websites. Apart from this form of white-collar crime, there is a high number of mostly young people worldwide who have a lot of time and a computer with internet access. For script kiddies, hacking websites is a game, a challenge.

“Why would anyone hack our website? There’s nothing to hack.” I hear a lot from clients. But the hackers don’t care about your company at all. It’s about what can be done with a hacked website.

  • Access to the server to send spam (and earn money from it)
  • Access to the database to post affiliate links (and earn commissions)
  • Infection of a virus with the aim of infecting other websites. (Control and power through botnets)

Money and power are common motivators. Many hackers start early with 8 – 10 years. By the time they are 14 they can have 6 years of “professional experience”. Unemployment among young people is high in Europe and worldwide. They partly have to fight for their survival. This does not change the fact that a hacked website is a massive threat to the smooth running of business. I can confirm this from my own experience.

Make WordPress Website more secure – lock whole countries

You do not have any customers from China, Russia or Brazil? The security of your WordPress installation can be increased by blocking the IPs of entire countries. This can be achieved with the WordPress plugin IQ Block Country. Hackers can get redirected to any website you wish.

WordPress Security

WordPress is the most popular CMS for websites. Due to its wide distribution, however, it is also worthwhile for hackers. Many companies do not keep WordPress and its extensions (plugins) up to date. Updates close security holes that have become known. Therefore many WordPress installations are not secure.