Why Proofreading is Important for SEO

Proofreading is part of my daily work as an SEO (search engine optimizer). Over the past 10 years content from various industries landed on my desk. The texts I get from clients are mostly not proofread.

Search engines are currently still mainly text search engines.

Since analyzing written words is one of their main tasks, they know the rules of spelling. Proofreading is part of optimization, since it is a ranking factor. It is used to evaluate the quality of the entire website.

  • Real people read these texts. A lack of spelling suggests that your work isn’t done carefully.
  • Search engines “understand” the rules of languages. The quality of the texts flows into the overall rating of the website.

Some of my clients have multilingual websites. In addition to English and German, I optimize texts and keywords in French. With my knowledge of Spanish, Italian and Dutch I can do basic optimization. The four-eyes principle applies to both translations and proofreading though. At least one native speaker translates or edits the texts from the respective language.

What can you expect from a proofreading or translation service?

Good proofreading is essential for the quality of your publications. As a proofreader, I primarily check texts for their content. I have a natural instinct for expression, sentence structure and I improve the copy in terms of style and grammar.

I can translate English and German as well as the languages of various countries (translation editing). My network includes native speakers of many European languages as well as Arabic, Persian and Thai. Translations should be localized according to the target group. In Switzerland, for example, other French words are used than in France or Canada. For localization and translation for the Swiss market, I recommend a translation agency in Zurich.

For multilingual websites, translation is just as important as spelling. A distinction is made between editors who proofread a translation, i.e. who translate into other languages, and editors who only proofread in English. Correcting the content and adapting the copy that is translated is an important service in online marketing. In translation editing, we explicitly compare the original text with the translation. I offer translations into various languages. Quality assurance is the top priority for all jobs, whether in English or when translating into another language. I take great care in proofreading. The texts are corrected or translated not only once, but also by native-speaker proofreaders.

Proofreading Seo
Proofreading is an important factor for SEO. Search engines "understand" language rules. Spelling and grammar are ranking factors.

What can you expect from a proofreader?

In proofreading my main focus is on grammar and spelling. I also accept translations into one or more languages for proofreading. During proofreading, the text is not only checked for errors, but also formally.

I also accept translations into one or more languages for proofreading. During proofreading, the text is not only checked for errors, but also formally.

Based on my experience, I can confirm that the common assumption that a correct proofreading can be replaced by software is wrong. Neither Word nor other software will find all errors. In contrast, they suggest correctly spelled words for review.

Have your text proofread by experienced proofreaders. It is a sustainable investment in the quality of your communication. Your customers will find the texts error-free and with a pleasant sounding flow and rhythm of language.