10+ Years in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can be a one time job, but it works best as a process. Investing in your own website pays off because a digital asset like a website increases in worth over time. In contrast, funds spent on ads are gone once the ads are gone. Digitalization is unstoppable. In an every increading amount of information, it all depends on how information is found. How are you found? How did you find me?

suchmaschinen optimierung kaizen

Kaizen. The pursuit of continuous and
infinite improvement

SEO Analysis

Do you want to see your rankings compared to your competitors? Let us analyze your website. Based on an SEO analysis I will work out a strategy that will bring you forward. With 10 years of experience and a trained eye I find the hidden potential.

Technical SEO Analysis

Web Design and Landingpages

Web design is still an important skill in online marketing. Content is everything, but the overall look and feel needs to be consistent. To be successful, every single page should be carefully designed. This is what we call landingpage design.

Landingpage Design

Keyword Research

Keywords play a decisive role in search engine optimization. I focus on the most valuable keywords within your industry. Around these results I optimize your website.

Content creation and link building

Natural links are still recommendations. The road there is great content. Offer your customers real value. Don’t waste their time with boring copy and stock photos.

Optimization of Copy

Without emotions you will not reach many people these days. With my tools I can see which keywords are relevant for a topic. Unique and high-quality content ensures sustainable growth.

Local SEO

Most internet users search for products or services in their immediate environment. Is your website visible to these users or are you missing the local demand? Let me help you reach your full local potential.

Video SEO

Video SEO is on of the most underrated SEO strategy. For many it’s too complex. But optmized correctly, videos are a very powerful tool. With video SEO you can strengthen your positions in the long run.

Image SEO

Photos, graphics and illustrations are, along with copy, the basic variables of content creation. Uniqueness and high quality will bring you forward. Use visual cues to direct the attention of the viewer.