SEO for IOTA Projects

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an elegant way to distribute your IOTA project. IOTA has a strong community that pushes projects on Discord, Twitter, Medium and in many other channels. But the demand for your offer is even more important outside the IOTA community. That’s how you ensure sustainable success.

Why is SEO elegant online marketing?

Advertising is largely interruption marketing. The reading flow, video or TV programme are interrupted by advertising. I want to inform myself undisturbed about IOTA, crypto currencies, blockchain and much more. The elegant thing about intelligent online marketing is that people first search and then find my content. They have an intention (user intent) that can be researched. With the data from the keyword analysis I optimize my content.

seo for iota
SEO is Inbound Marketing for your IOTA project.

Internet marketing with mathematical precision

I am writing this article with a TF*IDF tool. It analyzes the content with the Tf-idf measure (term frequency – inverse document frequency). Next to my editor I see the suggested occurrences of (mostly) relevant keywords. For math fans: The formula can be found here: TF*IDF.

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The term frequency changes practically every month. SEO is a process.

In addition to excellent copywriting, web design is also important. No one wants to see stock photos anymore. The IOTA Foundation sets a good example with world-class web design. Unfortunately not everyone has access to a graphic designer on the level of Sabri Goldberg.